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Retreat Offerings

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Awakended by the Sequoias Retreat services will include an array of healing modalities by Georgel , Katie Hawk & Chef Lori


Retreat Offerings


Guided Nature Connection

There will be multiple opportunities to be guided  Georgel through building deep connections to Mother Earth, through sensory and intuitive practices.


Sequoia Hiking Adventure

Experience the majesty of Earths Natural Wonders, the largest living thing on Earth in the Sequoia Giant Forest where we'll explore and connect during this guided mindful adventure of a life time.


Daily Yoga

Whether you are a beginner or avid yogi there will be space for you as you are led onto your mats. Surrounded by the beauty of REYIUM property we will tune in to our bodies and engage mindful movement.


Sound Healing 

Crystal Singing bowls, rhythmic drums, gentle chimes, voice chakra clearing and the sound of nature will all add to the relaxation and rejuvenation of this Retreat.  


Guided Breathwork

The power and connection to Breath is one of the most essential tools for healing. You will be guided through the Breathwork into deep transformation.


Delicious Cuisine

Wellness Chef Lori will be cooking up magic and promoting healing through the nourishment of natural and seasonal foods. Each meal made with purpose and an extra dash of Love.

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